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It's a freezing winter morning and Christmas is just around the corner.
Pororo the penguin and his beloved friends return from the woods where they have cut a Christmas tree, ready to celebrate the festivity. They’ve just finished decorating the tree, when they receive a shocking message directly from Santa Claus!
Santa caught a bad cold, and he can’t bring his special Xmas glaze to the Candy Castle, where under the oversight of King Cream Puff the cookies for children all over the world are made. A Christmas without cookies will be quite sad!
Pororo and his friends decide to protect the Christmas spirit, and they leave for Santa Claus village to pick up the Christmas glaze and carry it to the Candy Castle.
But along the way, they met their old acquaintance: the wicked Witch of Winter who aims to steal the precious glaze and use it for her nasty schemes.
Will our heroes be able to carry out their important missions and save Christmas?
Follow with us the adventurous journey of Pororo and his friends to the magical Candy Castle!
© shikimori

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Другие названия:
Pororo Daemoheom / Porong Porong Pororo / Pororo - The Little Penguin / ポロンポロン ポロロ / Pororo to the Cookie Castle / 뽀로로의 대모험 / Pororo's Adventure