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Идолмастер Ксеноглоссия — Спешлы смотреть онлайн

iDOLM@STER Xenoglossia Specials смотреть онлайн

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6.2 из 10

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* Based on the Japanese arcade game The Idolm@ster.
It is the year 107 after the Lost Artemis incident that destroyed the Moon and created several asteroid belts around the Earth. Due to the unstable orbits of these asteroids, the surface of the planet must regularly be protected from large meteor impacts...
Having grown up in the countryside, the 16-year-old Haruka Amami is not the most confident pop singer in Japan, but when she is accepted after an audition, she is sent to Tokyo to start a career in entertainment. Though, little does she know that the agency that has taken her on is actually a front for the [Mondenkind Japan] task force that uses giant piloted robots, the IDOLs, to defend the Earth from meteors.
Haruka becomes one of the very few female pilots who can synchronise with an IDOL. And as it turns out the long dormant [Imber] chooses Haruka to be his IDOLmaster. Now it is up to the IDOLmasters to protect the Earth, and defend against [Turiavita] — a mysterious organisation that also operates an IDOL, aggressively trying to capture Imber.
But will Haruka be able to understand the alien heart of the IDOL she seems to control?
© shikimori

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iDOLM@STER Xenoglossia Specials / Идолмастер Ксеноглоссия — Спешлы / アイドルマスター ゼノグラシア / Idolmaster Xenoglossia Specials / Idol Master Xenoglossia Specials