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Драконий жемчуг: Спешлы смотреть онлайн

Dragon Ball Specials смотреть онлайн

Рейтинг аниме:
6.9 из 10

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Bulma is a girl from the city with a wish. In order to fulfill her wish, she set out to collect seven mystical spheres known as the Dragon Balls. It is said that, when the seven Dragon Balls are brought together, one may invoke their lord, [Shenron], an almighty dragon god who can and will grant any wish, but only one.
In Bulma's search, she traveled far and wide, until one day she met a strange but very strong boy with a tail. The boy, Son Gokuu, lived by himself in a small place in the middle of the wilderness. It turns out that Gokuu has a Dragon Ball, but he will not let go of it, no matter what; after all, that Dragon Ball is his only memento of his late grandfather, the man who raised him.
Being unused to dealing with other people and never having seen a female his whole life, Gokuu is highly tactless. However, Bulma sees the value of having his strength to protect her in her journey and realises that he won't let give away his Dragon Ball easily, so she convinces him to go with her. As she seeks the remaining Dragon Balls in order to make her wish come true, he embarks on a quest to see the world and become stronger; thus begins their a journey together, a journey in which they will face many perils and meet many people, friends and foes alike.
— written by Hinoe
© shikimori

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На этой странице вы можете посмотреть аниме Dragon Ball Specials онлайн и в хорошем качестве. Для начала просмотра выберите серию (см. выше). После выбора серии можно выбрать перевод (русская озвучка или субтитры). Если вам понравилось аниме Драконий жемчуг: Спешлы, то советуем обратить внимание на жанры фэнтези, комедия, супер сила, а также сёнен. Ещё вы можете посмотреть другие аниме от студии Toei Animation или другие аниме в летнем сезоне 1988 года.

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Драконий жемчуг: Спешлы / Dragon Ball Specials / ドラゴンボール / Dragon Ball: Goku's Fire Brigade / Dragon Ball: Goku's Traffic Safety / Dragon Ball: Goku no Koutsuuanzen / Dragon Ball: Goku no Shouboutai