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Крокет! смотреть онлайн

Corokke! смотреть онлайн

Рейтинг аниме:
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Somewhere in the world, are things that grant absolutely any kind of wish called 'kinkas'. People referred to adventurers who sought these kinkas as "bankers". Crocket, who travels with his partner Bank Menchi, is an extremely energetic young banker. His only wish is to bring his dead mother back to life. Together with Banker Uster, who he met in his travels, Crocket participates in Banker Survival.
Banker Survival. That is, the coming great battle where bankers continually hone and sharpen their skills under harsh and unforgiving conditions. In this tournament, the one who survives and emerges as the champion is given a savings box full of kinkas! And so it is that for the sake of their own wishes, men of valor from all over the world gather here. Men such as the cool battler Rizott who wants to protect his hometown, Banker Fondovo, the man of mystery who appeared out of nowhere, and the laughing Banker Pudding-pudding... and also, that unseen man of shadow in the great meeting from which he must take his revenge for his mother, The Man of the Black Mantle!
Crocket, with his mother's persistent fortitude deep in his heart, stands up to his worst enemy. Will Crocket be able to meet with his mother again?
© shikimori


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На этой странице вы можете посмотреть аниме Corokke! онлайн и в хорошем качестве. Для начала просмотра выберите серию (см. выше). После выбора серии можно выбрать перевод (русская озвучка или субтитры). Если вам понравилось аниме Крокет!, то советуем обратить внимание на жанры экшен, приключения, комедия, а также фэнтези. Ещё вы можете посмотреть другие аниме от студии Oriental Light and Magic или другие аниме в весеннем сезоне 2003 года.

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Другие названия:
Крокет! / Croket! / コロッケ! / Croquette! / Crocket / コロッケ! / Corokke!